Living in harmony with nature

Our mission is to protect our planet.
Balance between human and nature

With the planet’s sustainability threatened, we must consider the impact of our actions on the environment and on the society.

Behappy focuses on having a sustainable policy, by creating measures to reduce energy consumption, waste management and promotion of local trade and culture.

Our environmental commitment
  • Use of low-energy bulbs.
  • The lighting system in the common areas is run by a sensor.
  • Raising guests’ awareness to the use of bicycles, walking routes and public transportation.
  • The change of towels and sheets is carried out only when requested by the guest.
  • As for decor and furniture items, we focus on the use of sustainable materials, such as wood, cork and paper.
  • Daily hygiene products are not packaged in individual units.
  • All documentation is available digitally.
  • Waste separation.
  • Disposable tableware is only used in the take-away service. Whenever possible, biodegradable material is prioritized.
  • Individual packages of butter, jams (etc.) are not used.
  • Organic waste composting.
  • Use of recycled or environmentally certified (FSC) toilet paper and napkins.
Local trade and local culture
  • The Lodge has a set of decorative and informative elements that characterize the local culture.
  • Raising awareness to the customer regarding local trade and services.
  • We favor the purchase of food products in local establishments.
  • The Lodge features a collection of art pieces from local artists.
  • There are souvenirs for sale developed by artists from the region.
Whenever possible, we use products of biological origin