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With the authentic vibe created at the Lodge, the excellent service and relaxed atmosphere on our terrace overlooking the sea, Behappy is more than just a stay. It’s an experience!

Surrounded by beaches, natural areas and wonderful cities, there are multiple ways to enjoy extraordinary activities and experiences. From adventure to sports, nature and culture, the Behappy family helps you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday to fit your needs.

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There are several renown beaches around Behappy for surfing. We provide with rental of surfing material for the experienced people and classes with qualified teachers for beginners.

Porto / Aveiro / Douro

If you want to get to know some of the most iconic destinations in Portugal, such as Porto, Aveiro and the Douro region, we offer a range of options to help the guest choose and organize a custom tour.

Bike Tours

From Gaia to Torreira, amongst beaches, woods and city, the surrounding area of Behappy has an awesome network of bike lanes. (We provide bicycle rental and organized tours.)

Relax in Nature

Ensuring the tranquility and wellness of our guests are two priorities of our philosophy. Take the opportunity to meditate, read a book or simply let yourself relax in the harmony of the natural areas around us.

Forest Area Route

By foot, by bicycle or by motor vehicle, enjoy this route between Esmoriz and Furadouro. In a 10 km course surrounded by woods, the different beaches that appear along the way give us wonderful landscapes.

SUP at Ria de Aveiro

We provide with Stand Up Paddle tours through the canals of the Ria de Aveiro where it is possible to enjoy its natural beauty and to observe migratory species, such as herons and flamingos. Tours are available occasionally during the Full Moon phase.

Sunrise in Barrinha

The emerging orange tones by the lagoon, the vegetation, the birds and the sea provide a unique and remarkable natural phenomenon during the Sunrise of Barrinha de Esmoriz.

Buçaquinho Park

With a coffeehouse, a playground, picnic areas and paths for walking and cycling, Buçaquinho Park is the perfect place for family and friend get-togethers. For nature lovers, the park has a species observation tower.

Horse rides

Whether in a romantic experience or with family, you can enjoy a relaxing horse ride along our beaches.

Barrinha de Esmoriz

Along the 8 km walkway that surrounds it, in an exceptional natural phenomenon where the lagoon merges with the sea, Barrinha de Esmoriz offers an amazing walk through nature’s diversity and uniqueness.

Walk on the beach

Besides being healthy, there’s nothing like the therapeutic smell and sound of the ocean as we walk along the beach. The privileged location of Behappy allows you to enjoy a stroll along the extensive sands of our beaches.

Jogging in the woods

For jogging lovers, you have the opportunity to run through the woods and enjoy the fresh air in connection with nature, ending with an energizing and relaxing dip in the sea.

Events you can’t miss
Arraial da Barrinha (local festival)

With a lot of music and local cuisine, the Arraial da Barrinha festival takes place in Esmoriz for 10 days in July. The festivities’ stalls belong to the city’s associations and provide this event with traditional and delicious gastronomic suggestions.

Maio do Azulejo

With a wide program of tours, exhibitions and recreational and educational activities, May is a month marked by the promotion of the city’s tile heritage, in Ovar.

Carnaval de Ovar

It is one of the best carnivals in the country. The size of the carnival allows it to extend the entertainment program for a month, highlighting the Magic Night on Monday and the parade on Tuesday.

Viagem Medieval

It takes place in Santa Maria da Feira for 11 days in August. This is the greatest medieval festival in Europe, with a thorough remake of episodes and events from the Middle Ages.


“Perlim” is the biggest Christmas theme park in the country and it is located in Santa Maria da Feira. With Perlim and Pim Pim, two twin elves, the joy and fantasy of the event offers a magical and extraordinary moment for children.


It takes place on January 20 in Santa Maria da Feira and its highlight is the typical fogaça tasting. On this day, there’s the parade of the “fogaceira” girls, dressed in white and colored bands around the waist, who carry the fogaças on their heads.

FIMO (Ovar's International Puppet Festival)

In June, FIMO is a free access festival, which features multiple puppet shows spread across theaters, town squares and fountains of the city, performed by artists from different companies and countries.

Festival Pão-de-ló de Ovar

At the end of July, the festival brings together gastronomic and handicraft activities based on the most famous delicacy in the county, the “pão-de-ló de Ovar” (sponge cake from Ovar). However, there are also products from other places of the country.


It takes place by the end of May in Santa Maria da Feira and it is the country’s largest street art event. In the streets and town squares of the historic city center, the artistic and innovating creation makes this event an international benchmark.

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