Joyful experiences!

Sea bathing, walking in nature and sunset conversations.
Lodge & Brunch

On the Portuguese coast and halfway (30 min.) between Porto and Aveiro, Behappy Lodge & Brunch is located right on Esmoriz beach, a place with a huge fishing and cooperage tradition.

Known as an exceptional destination for surfing and surrounded by environmental parks and forest areas, Behappy is a reference for any traveler looking for a unique wellness experience.

This place provides private suites, dorms, shared kitchen and shower room, area for relaxed meetings and light meals, a terrace overlooking the sea and co-work space. With a concept that combines the comfort of a hotel and the social atmosphere of a hostel, it is the solution for all types of guests.

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Enjoy your Behappy experience to the fullest

Complete at least 1 point for each theme and claim your prize at the end of the stay.

Behappy is surrounded by the best surfing spots of the region:
  • Praia Velha (Esmoriz) Beach
  • Cortegaça Beach
  • Pedro Beach (Maceda)
  • Espinho Beach
Enjoy this natural and revitalizing therapy:
  • Go for a swim at sunrise
  • Go for a swim at sunset
  • Take a sea shell and offer it to someone special
Our region is considered to be a living museum of Azulejo tiles:
  • Rua do Azulejo (Ovar)
  • Igreja de Cortegaça
  • Igreja de Válega
Try a walk by the sea and activate your body:
  • Esmoriz Beach
  • Praia Velha (Esmoriz) Beach
  • Cortegaça Beach
  • Pedro Beach (Maceda)
  • Furadouro Beach
Enjoy fresh fish directly from our sea:
  • Grilled sea bass or sea bream
  • “Bulhão Pato” style clams
  • Goose barnacles cooked with bay leaf and garlic
Enjoy the best time of the day:
  • Behappy Terrace
  • “Namoradeira”
  • Barrinha de Esmoriz
  • Any beach
Explore the diversity of natural relics that surround us:
  • Barrinha de Esmoriz
  • Buçaquinho Park
  • Forest area
  • Ria de Aveiro
Behappy is also about being inclusive and sustainable. We are concerned about ensuring accessible conditions to reduced mobility and eco-friendly practices

With the planet’s sustainability threatened, we must consider the impact of our actions on the environment and on the society.

Behappy focuses on having a sustainable policy, by creating measures to reduce energy consumption, waste management and promotion of local trade and culture.

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Behappy’s inclusive policy welcomes guests with reduced mobility.

We strive to be flexible and to provide as many opportunities and comfort as possible, starting with the room and offering activities and experiences related to the stay.

Join us. Behappy is for everyone!

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